Microbiological QC Products

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Microbiological QC Products


Microbiological QC Products

i) Reusable system- GN-6 Metricel® Membrane, Magnetic Filter Funnels, Manifolds, Membrane dispenser, Pump, etc

GN-6 Metricel®MCE Membrane Disc Filters

Ideal for isolation and enumeration of Total and Fecal Coliforms, E. coli, Fecal Streptococcus, fungi, and other heterotrophic organisms

47 mm Magnetic Filter Funnels

Unique magnetic seal allows easy, one-handed vacuum filtration of liquids; NO more metal clamp; Easy retrieval of membrane filter

Filter Funnel Manifolds

3-place or 6-place; individual port control valves; large port for easy-sanitizing

Sentino™ Filter Dispenser

Small foot print; Light weight (0.9Kg), Hold 200pcs of membranes; Power source from Plug or batteries


ii) Disposable system - Microfunnel, Microfunnel Manifolds, Sentino Pumps, Pumps etc

MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels

Each lot is certified for microbiological analysis; Unique squeeze separation of cylinder from base; Easy access of membrane; Individually bagged; ready-to-use; SAVE TIME

MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels manifold

No adapters or rubber stoppers needed; compatibility with many Chemicals

Sentino™ Microbiology Pump

Maximize workspace and minimize contamination risk; Compact design peristaltic pump, pulls sample through the filter and fluid path eliminating the need for a vacuum source.



iii. Testing and Monitoring Products - Ampoule Media for Microbiological Analysis; Absorbent Pad Kit One-handed dispensing of cellulose absorbent pads, Forceps, petri dishes